Left-Wing Activists Simultaneously Shut Down New York City’s Transportation Arteries

Screenshot/Twitter/ @ScooterCasterNY

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Pro-Palestinian activists managed to shut down several major points of entry into New York City Monday, CBS News reported.

The New York Police Department is mobilizing its forces in response to the rallies severely impacting traffic in the Holland Tunnel as well as at various bridges to the city, according to CBS.

“Due to ongoing protest activity expect traffic delays near the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges and the Holland Tunnel. Please use alternate routes,” the police department tweeted in an advisory capacity. (RELATED: ‘Will Cause Delays’: Video Shows Swarm Of Pro-Palestinian Protestors Near JFK Airport, Blocking Highways)

Oliya Scootercaster, a Ukrainian-American journalist for FreedomNewsTV, tweeted out a video of the pro-Palestinian rally and their setting up of a roadblock at the Holland Tunnel.

The protestors  could be heard in the video demanding an end to the longstanding Israeli blockade on Gaza, the war in Gaza, an end to Western support for Israel and an end to “the Zionist occupation.” Scootercaster also captured video of the police response to the rally and the ensuing arrest of “[o]ver 100 Pro-Palestine protesters” following their blockage of the Holland Tunnel.

One reaction to the rally from a person in a car was negative. He could be heard in a video shouting, “This is New York, not Palestine, not Gaza!” and saying, “They ruin my day? Fuck them!”

The war in Gaza erupted after the terrorist organization Hamas breached the southern border with Israel on Oct. 7, murdered more than 1,200 people and took over 200 persons captive.