Why ‘Yellowstone’ Didn’t Get Any Recognition At The Golden Globes

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Epic cowboy drama “Yellowstone” was totally snubbed during the 2024 Golden Globes, and there are at least two reasons why.

Despite being one of, if not the biggest television show in modern history, “Yellowstone” was nowhere to be seen at the 2024 Golden Globes on Sunday. But it turns out “Yellowstone,” and its production team, led by co-creator Taylor Sheridan, and the Paramount+ network may be to blame (kind of).

To be eligible for a Golden Globe nomination, a television series has to air at least 150 minutes of content throughout the qualifying year, which would have been 2023, according to Men’s Health. “Yellowstone” was supposed to return to our screens in the summer of 2023. But due to ongoing drama between Costner and the production team, and the Hollywood writer’s strikes, the fans were left with nothing.

“Yellowstone” isn’t slated to return until late 2024, and even now there’s a big question over whether that will happen. Sheridan is reportedly busy writing the final episodes of the series, which will conclude after the next round of episodes. From here, it’ll splinter off into a series of prequels and at least one sequel.

The sequel has the working title “2024,” and heavyweight actor Matthew McConaughey is tipped to lead. But drama is already ramping up off-screen, with rumors McConaughey wants over $2 million per episode, more than double that of Costner’s payday across the five seasons thus far.

But the other reason “Yellowstone” wasn’t nominated may have more to do with the show itself. Mainstream corporate entertainment critics absolutely hate the show, likely because they don’t understand it — the furthest most of these apartment-dwelling city ghouls have been off-road in America is the Whole Foods parking lot in their utterly redundant four-wheel drives (affectionately known as Chelsea Tractors in the U.K.). (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan Slams Vegans In Epic Joe Rogan Interview)

“It’s designed for them to hate,” Sheridan told podcaster Joe Rogan in January, and he’s clearly achieved his goal. The American people absolutely adore “Yellowstone” and the rest of Sheridan’s works with 101 Studios and Paramount+, but he’s yet to receive any major awards or recognition for his total reshaping of modern American entertainment.