Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso Endorses Trump

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Wyoming Republican Sen. John Barrasso endorsed former President Donald Trump on Tuesday ahead of the 2024 elections.

Barrasso appeared on “Hannity” to discuss the major issues he is seeing within the United States, calling out President Joe Biden’s policies. The Wyoming senator began comparing the Trump and Biden Administrations, emphasizing that Biden “continues to fail America” with his policies. 

Barrasso continued, stating the United States could not “afford another four years” of Biden’s “failures.” The senator noted that in order to get the country back “on track,” we would need a “strong” GOP in the House, Senate and White House. He then endorsed Trump. (RELATED: House Majority Whip Tom Emmer Endorses Trump, Securing All Of House GOP Leadership Support)

“Well, people of Wyoming and of course all your viewers know that the country was much better off under President Donald Trump, and Joe Biden continues to fail America. You know, when President Trump was in office, we had the best economy in my lifetime — in most of our lifetime,” Barrasso stated.

“We had energy independence. Our enemies feared us, and we had a secure border. And now under Joe Biden, we have high prices. We have a wide open border. What’s happened at the border, the surrender at the border, has allowed eight million illegal immigrants into the country. Joe Biden goes and begs our enemies for fuel and energy. This is a disaster.”

“We cannot afford another four years of Joe Biden’s failure. So if you want to get the country back on track, which is what I want to do, we need a strong Republican conservative House and Senate, and we need Donald Trump back in the White House. And that’s why tonight I am endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United States,” Barrasso stated. 

The Wyoming senator additionally followed up his endorsement in an online post to Twitter, highlighting Trump’s “accomplishments” while in office. (RELATED: Sen. Tom Cotton Endorses Trump For President)

“Working with Republicans in Congress, President Trump created the strongest economy of a generation, secured our Southern Border against lawless drug and crime invasion, and made America an energy dominant superpower,” Barrasso said.

“All of these accomplishments are in stark contrast to the high prices and low expectations of the last 3 years. Biden Administration policies have plunged America into decline.”

The former president has currently gathered endorsements from seven governors, more than 18 GOP senators and more than 90 House Republicans.

The former president currently sits at an estimated 65% of support for the upcoming Republican primary election, according to a Morning Consult poll. Additionally, Trump has a current two point lead above Biden in a hypothetical general election race between the two, according to an Emerson College poll.