ROOKE: If It’s Really A ‘Right Wing Conspiracy Theory,’ Why Do Democrats Keep Proving It’s Real?

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The struggle sessions might vary in intensity depending on the topic, but the overall process is the same.

First, you notice a glaring problem (i.e., elite pedophile rings or election integrity issues). The machine recognizes a threat to the plan and immediately begins attacking your credibility. They say it’s all just a made-up “conspiracy theory.” Then you get banned on social media, but if that doesn’t stop you from speaking, other companies (think AirBnB, national banks, etc.) will refuse to serve you, too.

Finally, when they’ve got the public utterly convinced you’re wrong, they admit you were right all along — except whatever it is, actually it’s a good thing. Conservative essayist Michael Anton gave a name to this trend: “That’s not happening, and it’s good that it is.”

For years, we were told it was a toxic and bigoted idea to suggest illegals were quickly supplanting the rights of U.S. citizens. But now, Democrats are basically just admitting it outright. Democratic New York Rep. Yvette Clarke admitted that she wants more illegal immigrants in her district “for redistricting purposes.”

As soon as Conservatives take issue with something like millions of illegal immigrants flowing across the southern border, Progressives — entrenched in their need to push their ideology — begin rolling out the familiar attacks about the Right being a bunch of fever-brained bigots creating imaginary scenarios that aren’t grounded in reality. (ROOKE: We May Be Reaching The ‘Hard Times Create Strong Men’ Phase)

For a while, this form of Maoist aggression worked on Republicans who were desperate not to be considered “right-wing conspiracy theorists” and incur the wrath that label brings. Hint that a political opponent could be a fellow traveler of Alex Jones, and you could get them to denounce almost anything.

But between the footage of thousands of foreigners illegally crossing over into the southern United States and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s savvy decision to send bus and planeloads of these people to blue states, Democrats can no longer hide their glee for what this means for their future election chances.

Clarke moved the conversation out of the stage of “it’s not happening” and into “it’s good that it is” when she spoke about the need to bring even more illegal immigrants to her congressional district (NY-9) to ensure she wins re-election.

“I’m from Brooklyn, New York. We have a diaspora that can absorb a significant number of these migrants,” said Clarke. “When I hear colleagues talk about, you know, the doors of the inn being closed — ah, no room at the inn — I’m saying I need more people in my district just for redistricting purposes.”

Although it’s unclear when exactly she made these comments, her meaning cannot be mistaken: illegal immigration is good for Democrats. They want to remake the fabric of society with people who are willing to break the law and are openly admitting that those “conspiracies” about Democrats busing in future voters to control election outcomes are accurate.

This isn’t a Republican candidate for office accusing Democrats of capitalizing on the border crisis. She said it plain as day: “I need more people in my district for redistricting purposes.” (ROOKE: Caring About Jan. 6 Is A Luxury Only The Rich Can Afford)

Less than a week after the video resurfaced online, New York City kicked students out of James Madison High School and forced them into remote learning in order to do precisely what Clarke asked. This high school is located in the part of her district where 82 percent of the voters cast their ballots for former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Now, she has hundreds of illegal immigrants flooding the field.

While there is a chance these people would choose to vote for Republicans if given the chance, we have footage of illegal immigrants in America thanking Biden and promising to vote for him in 2024. James O’Keefe recently asked illegal immigrants at the Phoenix airport if they were going to vote in 2024 and, if so, who they’d vote for. (ROOKE: The Left’s Cultural Revolution Comes For America’s Most Hallowed Grounds)

“Are you thinking about voting in the elections in the United States?” O’Keefe asked in Spanish, according to the video’s translation. The man said he was planning on voting in the U.S. elections. O’Keefe responded by asking him if he would vote for Biden or Trump.

“Biden,” the man admits. “Because he’s given us an opportunity.”

The attack on free and fair elections is documented in the Daily Caller’s recent documentary, “Rigged,” in which Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation and the manager of their election law reform initiative, explains that in states like New York, “it’s very easy” to vote without U.S. government-issued ID.

“How easy is it to compromise our elections? Depends on what state you’re in, but a lot of states, it’s very easy,” Von Spakovsky said. “I mean, in California, New York, for example, there’s no ID requirement there. Rules regarding absentee ballots are easy to get around. They do a horrible job of maintaining the accuracy of their voter rolls. They do almost no verification. They take no steps to secure the election process.”

As Americans get closer to the 2024 election, the question isn’t if illegal immigrants will vote, but how many.