ROOKE: Caring About Jan. 6 Is A Luxury Only The Rich Can Afford

(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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President Joe Biden delivered a Friday afternoon speech in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, on the eve of the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. This was his moment to lay out his vision for America and set the tone for the next 11 months as he battles for a second chance as commander-in-chief.

As many suspected, Biden’s address was simply a redo of the Sept. 2022 “Red Speech,” where he stood in front of a blood-red background flanked by members of the U.S. Military, denouncing half of the country as domestic terrorists.

His latest address was more of the same. Biden looked angry and lost as he delivered lines promising to protect America’s democracy from former President Trump and his supporters. His hope is that reminding the population about the riot will invoke a sense of unbridled hatred for Trump and allow him to stay in the White House.

But he has one major issue: everyone outside of wealthy elites is struggling financially. Americans are just too broke to care about a riot that happened three years ago and hasn’t affected their daily lives since. (RELATED: Projected 2030 Congressional Map Features Plenty Of Good News For Republicans)

While “journalists” from publications like Politico and Axios are busy filling their bylines with conflated stories about the “horrors” that occurred on Jan. 6, the rest of the country is stressed, exhausted and overworked, trying to make their salary cover their weekly expenses.

Outside of political prisoners in solitary confinement awaiting their eventual conviction, Americans do not care people rioted at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Why should they? The sex tape heard around the world (but published here first) is only a mere glimpse of the lack of respect Democrats feel toward those hallowed halls and the people they are meant to represent.

Biden and his Democrats show no mercy for regular Americans. Nothing the President said during his address will increase their wages or pay their bills. Inflation is the boot on the neck of Biden’s campaign, but instead of doing anything to relieve the real pressure Americans are feeling, Biden calls half of the country domestic terrorists.

Abiding by our country’s democratic process means nothing to Biden and the Democrats. They are willing to emotionally manipulate voters into believing being displeased with open borders, historic inflation and election interference makes one unpatriotic. (ROOKE: The Left’s Cultural Revolution Comes For America’s Most Hallowed Grounds)

But their message is falling flat. Polling shows the economy is the top priority for Republicans and Democrats. It’s hard to care about “threats to Democracy” when bills pile up.

Most Americans aren’t focused on Jan. 6 despite Democrats using the chaos at the Capitol as political fodder every time they want to negate their own wrongdoing. When Biden’s DOJ and intel agencies are busting down the doors of pro-life families or arresting grandmothers who peacefully entered the Capitol, the accusations of terrorism fall on deaf ears.

Biden is campaigning like he believes the economic numbers his administration puts out. His wealthy donors aren’t calling him to complain about the rising costs, so the issue seems to mean nothing to him. The real terror Americans see every day is not the guy walking out with Nancy Pelosi’s lectern. It comes when they are ringing up their groceries or falling behind on rent.

Americans are used to living lives the rest of the world dreams of. His administration’s policies have made it extremely difficult for them to not only live how they are accustomed but also thrive. He stripped our citizens of the American Dream and now wants them to focus on the riot.

He’d have better luck not getting robbed in Philadelphia holding a gold watch than getting middle America to care about Jan. 6.