Wild Video Appears To Show Driver Throwing Dog Out Vehicle During Police Chase That Ended In Crash

[Screenshot/YouTube/KTLA 5]

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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A suspect allegedly attempted to evade the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Thursday via a vehicle chase that ended in a head on violent collision with a third car, according to multiple reports.

A video of the wild police chase appeared to show the alleged suspect tossing a dog out the vehicle. The pursuit began under the authority of the Rialto Police Department, and was subsequently taken over by CHP, according to KTLA 5. (RELATED: Two Dead, Nine Injured After Fog Blamed For 35-Vehicle Pile Up Along Major Highway)

In the 30-minute video, the KTLA reporter commentating on the high speed chase opined that either the dog was thrown or fell out of the car. The announcer reported the driver was previously seen in the video apparently struggling with something inside the car during the chase.

All told, the suspect allegedly rammed into two cars during the high speed chase that at times surpassed of 80 miles per hour, KTLA 5 reported. In the end it was the suspect allegedly crashing head on into a red car at 60 miles per hour that put an effective end to the chase, TMZ reported. The suspect allegedly continued to resist arrest, however, and police were forced to use non-lethal means to break the window and retrieve the suspect for the arrest, according to the outlet.

The suspect had blood on his face from the experience, KTLA 5 reported. The two drivers he allegedly hit did not sustain serious injuries and could walk away from their vehicles, TMZ reported. The status of both the suspect and the dog is unknown at this time, according to KTLA 5.

CHP’s mission statement reads that they were formed in 1929 with the task of providing “uniform traffic law enforcement throughout the state.”