Mom Discovers Eastern Brown Snake Inside Toddler’s Drawer In Viral Video

(Screenshot/Facebook/The Snake Hunter)

Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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Australian snake catcher Mark Pelley discovered a 5-foot Eastern brown snake inside a toddler’s underwear drawer, according to a social media post.

Mark Pelley was summoned to a family home in Australia to deal with an unexpected visitior, the world’s second-most venomous snake species, he shared in a Facebook post. The discovery was made by the child’s mother, who was startled to find the large snake instead of clothes for her 3-year-old.

“Mum went to get some clothes for her son and found a large five-foot brown snake instead,” Pelley shared. “We figured out what happened. She carried in folded washing yesterday and as she was taking clothes from [the] clothes line, [the] brown snake crawled into it.”

The incident sparked disbelief and curiosity among Facebook users. “How could you put folded clothes with a 5 foot snake amongst them into drawers without “realising”? I mean a 5ft brown would have some weight to it correct?” one commenter asked. (RELATED: Man Finds A Huge Snake While Trying To Get A Cold Beer In Unnerving Viral Video)

“How do you not know you are carrying in a 5 foot long snake. I’m never washing clothes and hanging them out again,” another commenter said.

Pelley, in response, clarified that these snakes are surprisingly light and easy to overlook. He warned that such incidents are more common than people might think, with individuals unknowingly carrying these reptiles in handbags or shopping bags.