‘Choked Him Out’: Video Shows Man Rescuing His Chihuahua By Wrestling Coyote And Tossing It In Dumpster

(Screenshot/YouTube/WCBD NEWS 2)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Home security footage shows Timothy Snipes rescuing Roxie, his small chihuahua, from a coyote attack by tossing the attacker into a dumpster.

The incident occurred on Friday as Snipes was taking his dog out for a bathroom break, WCBD reported. Snipes told the outlet that his dog started barking and he looked to see what she was barking at. Roxie saw that a coyote was in the nearby woods preparing to attack, WCBD noted. (Video Shows Stray Cat Rescuing Tiny Pooch From Coyote Attack)

“Instead of running towards me she ran towards the coyote,” Snipes told the outlet.

Snipes sprang into action and wrestled with the attacking coyote while sustaining a bite on his leg, WCBD reported. “I choked him out,” Snipes told the outlet. Snipes eventually gained control of the situation by grasping the coyote by its tail and placing the animal into a nearby dumpster until he could call for help, the outlet reported.

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“I knew I could’ve been alright, even if I would’ve gotten bit and gotten rabies or something, but if she had gotten bit, it was over,” Snipes told WCBD. Snipes ended up killing the coyote, KTLA 5 reported. Snipes received nine rabies shots since the attack, WCBD noted. The deceased coyote is being tested by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control for rabies, the outlet reported.

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If a person encounters a coyote, it is recommended by the Urban Coyote Research Project recommends that one should try to alternate one’s route. Failing that, one should make loud noises, raise their arms, and/or throw something in its direction to scare the animal off. It is not recommended that one runs away from the situation, the Urban Coyote Research Project noted.