Video Shows Stray Cat Rescuing Tiny Pooch From Coyote Attack

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A North Dakota pooch was saved from the jaws of a coyote by a stray cat that her owners have been feeding for years, KCAU-TV reported.

The incident unfolded Nov. 30 as homeowner Lane Dyer said he let the family’s six-year-old Havanese dog, Oakley, go outside to relieve herself, KCAU-TV reported Wednesday. Suddenly, the family then heard commotion.

Video footage shows the pup trying to relieve herself when suddenly a coyote darts out from the dark and begins attacking. A second coyote appears but doesn’t manage to get near the pup as the cat lunged forward and chased the coyotes away.

“Oakley scampered in the house and ran upstairs,” Dyer told Fox News Digital. “She had been cut open on her chest and side and was bleeding profusely.”

Dyer’s wife immediately applied pressure to wound, wrapping it up and rushing the pup to the emergency vet, according to KCAU-TV.

“We had no idea what happened,” Dyer said. (RELATED: Unattended Dog Dies After Falling Over 30 Floors From Miami Balcony)

While on their way to the vet, the family pulled up their security footage and saw that a coyote had attacked Oakley and the family’s stray cat, Binx, came to the rescue.

“She knew exactly what was going on – with no hesitation, she acted,” Dyer said, according to Fox News Digital. “And once she got on the ground, she made a lot of noise, hissing – and pounced at the coyotes.”

Dyer told KCAU-TV it was “inspiring” to see Binx spring into action.

Dyer said Binx showed up at their house years ago when she was just a kitten and the family began feeding her so she remained nearby.

“We’ve tried to bring her inside, but she has no interest in being an indoor cat,” Dyer told Fox News Digital. “She likes the elements and I’m sure she’s been in a lot of situations where she’s had to defend herself. She lives in our backyard.”

Oakley made a full recovery, according to the report.