CNN Host John Berman Confronts Biden Campaign Spox About Their Trump Argument

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s John Berman pushed back against Biden campaign spokesman Michael Tyler on Tuesday about their continued argument that former President Donald Trump is a threat to democracy.

Tyler said President Joe Biden is prepared to take on “whoever” emerges from the Republican primary.

Trump won the Iowa caucus Monday night by a massive landslide. Trump won 98 out of 99 counties, losing Johnson County to former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley by one vote. Trump received 51% of the vote, while DeSantis came in second with 21.2% and Haley in third with 19.1%. Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy dropped out of the race after the results came in.

“To be frank, there’s very little distance between any of these candidates. They’re all —” Tyler began to argue.

“But you know —” Berman interjected as the two spoke over each other. “I’ve heard that from other Biden officials too and I’m just curious about that, does that undermine your argument? Saying there’s little difference? Because, on the one hand, you talk about how Donald Trump is a threat to democracy and has said that he wants to be a dictator and paint him as this unique outlier, but on the other hand, you say there’s not much difference between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. So does that undermine the first argument?”

“Well no, because everybody is doing their best to emulate the extremism we see in Donald Trump. They are all running on advancing abortion bans. They’re all running on ripping away health care from Americans who need it. They’re all embracing the big lie, this MAGA extremism. They’re all litigating the causes of the Civil War, if black folks somehow benefitted from slavery,” Tyler said. (RELATED: MSNBC Analyst Says It’s Unpopular To Speak Positive About Trump, Then Applauds His Campaign)

“So again, there is not a whole lot of difference between these candidates. We’re gonna be prepared to take on whoever emerges, Donald Trump is obviously the frontrunner at this stage of the race, and we’re confident because we have the resources … we also have $117 million cash on hand, and that is money in the bank that we have to wage this war. To put that into perspective, MAGA Republicans spent $100 million alone running ads in Iowa. So we are more than prepared to take on whoever emerges from this primary as it continues to play out on the other side.”

Biden has focused his campaign on branding Republicans who support Trump as “extremists” and “threats” to democracy.

Biden also claimed many Republicans have embraced “semi-fascism.”