Bizarre Video Of ‘UFO’ Taken By Flight Attendant Over Europe

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Reports surfaced Tuesday of a UFO flying incredibly close to a Wizz Air flight from Luton, England, to Syzmany, Poland.

Flight attendant Denisa Tanase, 36, captured a video of what appears to be a bright pink UFO not too far outside of the aircraft, according to Luton Today. Tanase was trying to snap a video of the view from the aircraft, as seen in photographs shared on social media, and a video shared by Metro UK.

She apparently thought nothing more of the video until she came to review it 20 minutes later, and saw something that was quite amiss. In the 30-second-ish clip, a bright pink series of swirls can easily be seen outside the window, taking up a huge portion of the skies ahead of her.

The strange object appeared and reappeared in the shot, almost like a reflection on the glass of the plane window. It’s almost like a burning ball in the middle of the sky … the same color as the Wizz Air planes. (RELATED: Video Appears To Show ‘UFO’ Flying By Air Force One At Los Angeles International Airport)

“I’ve been a flight attendant for a year and have never seen anything like this. I couldn’t see anything with my bare eyes. But when I checked the video 20 minutes later I spotted it and I spoke to the pilot to ask if they knew anything,” she told Metro UK. “Everyone was confused – they hadn’t seen anything while flying and there had been no turbulence. It was a weird shape, like a circle flashing pink. At first we thought maybe it was a reflection of our pink uniform but on the video you can see the motion – you can see it’s flying.”

Reports of airline pilots and flight attendants spotting UFOs have risen significantly over the last few years, largely due to the drop in stigma around the topic. But will we ever know the full truth of what’s out there? No, not unless these beings tell us themselves.