Video Appears To Show ‘UFO’ Flying By Air Force One At Los Angeles International Airport

(Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published Thursday claims a UFO was spotted in the skies above President Joe Biden while he flew into LAX on Air Force One on October 10.

A video shared on social media in December apparently shows a silvery white object flying extremely close to Air Force One as Biden landed in LAX for a fundraiser back in October, according to the Daily Mail. The outlet published several still photographs of the object, which whizzes past the President

The clip was taken by airplane enthusiasts Joshua and Peter Solorzano, who filmed the orb going over at around 10:18am local time while live-streaming on their YouTube channel. The first flies over around the 1:26 mark, and then comes back two more times at 4:38 and 6:58.

Many users noted its resemblance to a UFO which flew over the Middle East in 2022. Footage of the event was released by the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution office. A report noted the orb had “characteristics and behaviors consistent with other ‘metallic orb’ observations in the region,” but gave little indication to what they actually were.

Despite the Pentagon’s interest in UFOs, apparently no Men in Black showed up to hassle the Solorzano brothers for the footage. (RELATED: Blink-182 Frontman Tom DeLonge Falls For UFO Propaganda In Horrific Pro-Censorship Statement)

Another witness, Chris Cullari, apparently saw the object around 12:30pm on the same day while in Culver City, according to Daily Mail. A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) helicopter circled near the object, Cullari said, and he shared photos with the Daily Mail.

So either this thing is real … or the government wants you to think it is because of all the negative press they’ve been getting about UFO/UAP disclosure in 2023. After a year of promises to reveal the truth about what we know, our lawmakers decided that actually, we don’t get to know what UFOs really are, according to their data and research. If the people who really control our government want us to know something, we’ll know it. But otherwise, we will always be left in the dark.

Once again, the timing on this latest UFO appearance feels a little too convenient. But that’s just my opinion.