Atlanta Studio Defends ‘Mommy And Me’ Pole Dancing Lessons

[Screenshot/Fox 26 Houston]

Julianna Frieman Contributor
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An Atlanta dance studio defended its “Mommy and Me” pole dancing lessons after being accused of “hypersexualizing” children.

Pink Pole Studios owner Tiajuanna “Tia” Harris pushed back against critics stating that the pole dancing program is inappropriate for kids in an interview with Fox 26 Houston.

“Who would think that that’s the pathway to a strip club? That’s not how we’re looking at it,” Harris told the outlet. “Our kids that we’re introducing to it may or may not even know about what someone would do with a pole in a strip club. We’re introducing it as fitness, and that’s what our kids are trained to know. That’s what they’re trained to do.”

Pink Pole Studios announced a new “pole fitness” class beginning in February through an Instagram post on Jan. 7. The announcement said that the pole dancing class would “break stigmas and set the bar’ by teaching minors how to do “tricks” and “spins.” (RELATED: Michigan Middle School Field Trip Ended With Students Pole Dancing)

Harris wrote on the studio’s website that its pole dancing lessons are “quintessential Mommy-and-me time,” adding that they often include “mani-pedis,” “matching outfits” and “mommy-daughter shopping sprees.”

“It’s a different apparatus. It’s just something that the people aren’t used to, and we’re not gonna shy away from it,” Harris told Fox 26 Houston. “We’re gonna introduce it to our kids and allow this apparatus to take us where we need to go.”

Opponents of the pole dancing classes took to social media to express their disapproval.

“I think it’s very irresponsible of that mommy and me pole dancing studio to record and upload videos featuring kids in their workshops,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“I agree,” another user added. “Bc the ppl saying, ‘well it’s just like gymnastics’ know dang well that weirdos also watch child gymnastics videos online. Kids don’t need to be recorded and put online like that in general imo.”

“Mommy and me pole dancing classes is actually insane. I get it’s a good workout but damn,” a third user wrote.