Dash Cam Catches Moment Cat Thrown Out Car Window On Highway

YouTube/Screenshot/FOX26 Houston

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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An Uber driver’s dash cam in Houston, Texas, caught the moment someone tossed a cat out of the window of a white Cadillac Escalade on Jan. 15, FOX26 reported.

The Uber driver, Yionsey Valdes,  said he was on his way to the airport when he noticed the Escalade “was driving crazy,” according to FOX26. His dash cam then caught the distressing image of the cat being thrown out the passenger side’s window, the outlet reported.  (RELATED: Video Shows Woman Throw Dog Off Parking Garage, Leave It For Dead)

“He was going from one side to another, and I just saw the window roll down, and I just saw when he threw the cat out the window,” Valdes said.

The video shows the cat’s body bounce across the middle lanes of the highway and other vehicles just missing it before it rolls off the road, FOX26 reported. Valdes, who said he had seen similar abuse months before on Highway 290, told the outlet he tried to get the Escalade driver’s attention by honking his horn at him.

The President of Communications for Houston’s SPCA, Julie Kuenstle, told FOX26 that many people called to report the incident. Kuenstle added that such abuse is common, the outlet reported.

“Thankfully, we do have the video to look at and see that these things happen all too frequently, unfortunately,” Kuenstle said, according to the outlet.

Jail time and fines could be the punishments for animal cruelty, Kuenstle told the outlet. The SPCA said that anybody who has an animal that they cannot take care of should take it to the nearest shelter, FOX26 reported.

“If you can’t have that animal anymore, don’t do that, just turn it into a shelter,” Valdes told FOX26.

Authorities are currently investigating the incident, FOX26 reported.