Video Shows Woman Throw Dog Off Parking Garage, Leave It For Dead

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A video shows a 26-year-old woman throwing her dog off of a multi-layered parking garage in Perth, Australia.

The video shows the woman walking toward the edge of a two-story parking garage and placing her Maltese shih tzu named Princess toward the ledge,, an Australian news site, reported Tuesday. She backed away for a moment before throwing Princess over the edge.

The owner had gotten into an argument with her partner and allowed the dog to hang over the edge for about eight minutes, the outlet reported. The partner is seen driving away from the owner in a black car, abandoning her at the scene.

Princess was later put down on April 7, 2022, after suffering serious injuries, according to The 10-year-old dog may have suffered from internal hemorrhaging, brain injuries and trauma to the spine and pelvis, Australian website 7 News Australia reported.

The owner later admitted to the crime in a Facebook post saying she could not “live with the guilt” but that she did that dog “a favor,” according to a screenshot posted by the RSPCA WA. She later deleted the post and claimed her Facebook account had been hacked, according to 9 News.

“I can’t live with the guilt, I threw my dog off the top story of a shopping centre carpark and watched her fall to her death, but she survived and needed to be put down due to how badly I injured her,” the woman said in a screenshot of a post provided by RSPCA WA. “I killed my dog … I did her a favour because all I did was hurt her and abuse her.”

The owner has been arrested for 12 months and is banned from owning an animal for 10 years, reported. (RELATED: Unattended Dog Dies After Falling Over 30 Floors From Miami Balcony)

The veterinarian checked the dog’s microchip and contacted the 26-year-old owner, according to 7 News Australia. She reportedly arrived at the vet with her 23-year-old partner to discuss the dog’s injuries.

The partner, who was allegedly present at the incident, was fined $2,500 and is banned from owning an animal for three years, according to

Magistrate Mark Millington, who sentenced the owner and her partner, said she displayed a lack of remorse and tried to make excuses for her “planned, deliberate and intentional act,” according to

RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie Green called the incident the “most distressing” one she has experienced in her 11-year career, according to the outlet.

“Dogs can be so trusting, and they rely on their owners to keep them safe. I can’t think of a more disgusting betrayal of that trust,” Green said. “Today’s outcome delivers some justice for the pain and terror poor Princess endured in her final hours. I hope it also sends a clear message to the community that intentional cruelty towards animals is extremely serious and won’t be tolerated.”

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