Oldest Living Masters Champion Golfer Jack Burke Jr. Dies At 100: REPORT

Photo by Don Morley/Getty Images

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Golfer Jack Burke Jr., the oldest living Masters champion, died at the age of 100 Friday morning in his native Houston, according to The Associated Press (AP). 

Burke was an icon in the golf community. The World War II veteran’s 1956 Augusta comeback is the stuff of legends,  according to The New York Times.

Then 33-years-old, Burke had reportedly not won a tour in nearly three years and had told people he was considering retiring. Going into the final round, he was eight strokes behind leader Ken Venturi, the outlet reported. He reportedly battled to pass eight fellow golfers on his way to winning the Masters by a stroke.

The comeback was the largest in Masters history, according to The AP.

He would reportedly go on to win the PGA Championship later that year as well. His efforts landed him the honors of PGA Player of the Year, The AP reported. (RELATED: Saudis Will Pump More Than $1 Billion Into New Golf League, PGA Tour Official Testifies)

Burke Jr. reportedly amassed 16 PGA tour wins in total across an accomplished career.

He would later collaborate with mentor and fellow golfer Jimmy Demaret to open the Champions Golf Club in Houston, according to teh outlet.

He was as revered and sought after as an instructor as he was a golfer — he taught pros like Phil Mickelson and Hal Sutton, according to The New York Times — and tour pros and amateurs alike enjoyed his insight and sharp wit.

According to The AP, his wisdom included clever, resonant sayings like “Why did golf give us 34 rules when God only gave us 10 commandments?”