Abandoned Six-Legged Dog Undergoes Surgery To Remove Excess Limbs Following Fundraising

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Fiona McLoughlin Contributor
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A six-legged dog found abandoned in the parking lot of a supermarket in the United Kingdom had surgery Thursday to remove her extra limbs after people around the world donated to her cause, according to a BBC report.

Ariel was named after “The Little Mermaid” character due to her fused back legs resembling a mermaid’s tail, according to the BBC. The 11-week-old spaniel was found in Pembrokeshire back in September, the outlet noted.

People around the world raised nearly £15,000 (roughly equivalent to $19,000), to fund her operation, the BBC reported. Aaron Lutchman, a resident in small animal surgery at Langford Vets, performed the procedure and was able to save her four working limbs. The surgeon originally feared one of them needed to be amputated, the outlet noted. (RELATED: There’s Officially A New Breed Of Dog: The Lancashire Heeler).

“She’s doing really well, she’s bounced back and she’s a happy little dog and we’re hoping she’s going to go on to lead a fabulous little life,” Lutchman told the outlet.

The vet who initially assessed Ariel after she was found noted she had two vulvas, Mikey Lawlor, the manager and founder of the rescue organization who took in Ariel, told the BBC. Ariel had a pelvis that never formed properly, one kidney and two hip joints that reportedly made her medical treatment complicated, Lawlor revealed to the outlet.

“As a result her normal back right leg had virtually no muscle tone, so there was a possibility that might have had to come off too,” Lawlor told the BBC. “Thankfully that wasn’t the case though as it’s shown signs of having strengthened a lot in recent months.”

Ariel had a total of two procedures, the BBC reported. She was doing well after the surgeries, reportedly walking, drinking and eating. Her next steps reportedly include weeks of recovery and physiotherapy. Lawlor expects the pup to be discharged within a few days, where she will return to her foster family, according to the BBC.

“She’s got her own little character and even though she’s had a tough start in life she really has done well to come through this as she has … if we can do what we can to help then that’s just absolutely brilliant,” Lutchman told the BBC.