Biden Pro-Abortion Speech Derailed As Pro-Palestinian Protesters Continuously Interrupt

[Photo Credit: Screenshot | Joe Biden]

Reagan Reese White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden’s campaign event touting abortion access was derailed Tuesday after pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted his speech multiple times.

Biden’s speech was paused five times in roughly four minutes as pro-Palestinian protesters repeatedly screamed at the president. However, chants of “four more years” and “let’s go Joe” drowned out the protestors each time. The protestors appeared to have interrupted Biden about ten times during the duration of his speech.

“How many kids have you killed?” one protestor carrying a Palestinian flag screamed before the attendees cheered over him.

Moments later, another protestor interrupted the president, yelling out “Israel kills two mothers every hour.”

Once the president continued his remarks, two additional protesters again shouted.

Each time Biden was interrupted, he paused from his remarks to allow the “four more years” and “let’s go Joe” chats to conclude.

“I’m sorry this is taking so long,” the president told attendees.

“This is going to go on for a while. They’ve got this planned,” Biden said after being interrupted an additional time.

Other protestors screamed out “Stop funding genocide” and “Genocide Joe has got to go.”

The Biden administration has committed its support to Israel since Hamas attacked the country Oct. 7. The administration, however, has worked to move humanitarian aid into Gaza and voiced its support for a two-state solution in the aftermath of the Israel-Hamas war. (RELATED: Biden Reveals Whether He Thinks Two State Solution Is Currently Possible After First Call With Netanyahu In Weeks)

As the Biden administration maintains its opposition to a ceasefire in the war, the president has faced backlash from some allies, campaign staffers and even within his own staff. Members of Biden’s party have warned the president his close ties to Israel could cost him the votes of young Americans in the 2024 election. Staffers across at least 27 federal agencies protested the president’s Israel policy Jan. 16 by staying home from work. (RELATED: Biden Education Official Tariq Habash Quits In Protest Of President’s Israel Policy)

A coalition of anonymous staffers on Biden’s campaign penned a letter to him in early January calling for a ceasefire. The staffers warned that volunteers of the campaign were quitting in “droves” because of Biden’s pro-Israel stance.

“It is not enough to merely be the alternative to Donald Trump. The campaign has to shift the feeling in the pits of voters’ stomachs, the same feeling that weighs on us every day as we fight for your reelection. The only way to do that is to call for a ceasefire,” the campaign letter states.