Mother Whose Daughter Was Allegedly Killed By MS-13 Member Discusses Why Dems Made Her Testimony ‘Very Frustrating’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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A mother of an autistic woman who was allegedly murdered by an MS-13 gang-affiliated illegal immigrant discussed Monday on Fox News her “very frustrating” testimony to lawmakers, calling out the Democratic members. 

Tammy Nobles appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss her upcoming lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and reflected on her previous experience with federal officials. Fox host Laura Ingraham had asked the Maryland mother her thoughts on the ongoing border crisis and her tragic experience with her deceased daughter, highlighting the legal battle between Texas and the Biden Administration. (RELATED: Mother Of Woman Allegedly Slain By MS-13 Member Sounds Alarm Over Border Crisis)

“When you see these senators engaged in ‘negotiations’ with this administration, given the fact that they are suing Texas, and trying to stop Texas from enforcing their own border. What do you say to them given what happened to your own child?” Ingraham questioned. 

Nobles claimed that during her testimony before the House Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement Democrats had allegedly been “on their phones” and didn’t look at pictures or videos of her deceased daughter. Nobles continued to claim that she had been told she “wasn’t an expert,” even after sharing her “personal story” with the members. 

“When I testified in front of the subcommittee, it was very frustrating because the Democrats were on their phones. They didn’t look at her picture. They didn’t look at her video. They didn’t even say her name,” Nobles claimed. “They told me I wasn’t an expert, and I shouldn’t have been there. And here I am sharing my pain and my personal story with them and that is how I am treated.”

Nobles had first testified before a House Judiciary subcommittee in March 2023, providing details of her daughter, Kayla Hamilton’s, death to the lawmakers. Hamilton, who was an autistic 20-year-old, was allegedly murdered by a 16-year-old illegal immigrant while sleeping in her room. The teen had allegedly killed Hamilton by strangling her with a phone charger cord and proceeded to “violently” sexually assault her after she had died. (RELATED: Biden And Abbott Have Set The Stage For One Of The Biggest State-Versus-Feds Immigration Fights In More Than A Decade)

“Kayla had autism, but she was determined to live independently and make her way in this world, and my baby paid the ultimate price,” Nobles had previously stated. 

During a second hearing, Nobles had appeared before a House Homeland Security group, testifying with another mother who had lost her child due to the border crisis. Following the two mother’s testimonies, Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman has claimed that the two were being “used” as witnesses for supporting an impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

“I thank our witnesses for being here today, Miss Nobles and Miss Dunn. I just want to express my sincere condolences. I was a federal prosecutor for 10 years who charged people for gang-related and drug trafficking crimes. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I’ve had to interact with families of victims and my heart goes out to you and I just want to apologize in some ways to you that you are here really to share your story, but you’re being used and as a fact witness for an impeachment investigation,” Goldman stated.

Nobles has since filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Health and Human Services for allegedly allowing the illegal gang-affiliated teen to cross into the country without confirming his identity, according to the New York Post.