Comedian Mark Normand Rushed Out Of NY Club After Strange Man Joins Him On Stage


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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In a bizarre and mysterious incident, star comedian Mark Normand appeared to get rushed out of New York Comedy Club after a strange man walked up on stage while he was performing.

In a strange video circulating on social media, some guy in a burgundy coat and yellow beanie gets up on stage with Normand, standing shoulder to shoulder with the comedian and facing the audience.

Normand takes it in stride, quipping, “What do we got a migrant here?”

The man can be seen standing on stage for all of about seven seconds before security escorts him off without incident. A woman then mounts the stage briefly as she follows him out.

Normand continues to joke, “Hey anything can happen at a comedy show — that was some kind of weird swinger sex party thing,” before adding, “Oh God, somebody got tased, oh boy.”

It’s unclear whether the man was actually tased or Normand was just joking.

The Daily Caller reached out to New York Comedy Club and Normand’s representation for clarification. Normand’s team declined to comment, and the club has yet to respond as of publication. (RELATED: Dave Chappelle Invites Canceled ‘SNL’ Comic On Stage. What Comes Next Is Pure Gold)

Video shows Normand continuing to joke for a few more seconds, adding, “I really froze there, I went Mitch McConnell,” before someone at the club takes the microphone from him and escorting him off stage and out of the room.

Panic then begins to spread in the room, at which point a woman comes on stage and says, “Everything is fine, guys. We just had a momentary interruption.” The woman begins to tell them to stay in their seats but quickly changes her tune. “Just stay in y- get up, get out… the taping… umm…”

An audience member then interjects, “Can we get out or what?” while someone else can be heard saying, “Cut the camera!”

A man identifying himself as the show’s producer then grabs the mic and tells the crowd that “we just need everybody to get out please.”

In a now-deleted Instagram story, Normand said, “Some shit went down tonight my team is still trying to put together the details. Sorry to the fans.”

This is a developing story, check back later for more.