Cops Issue Warrant For Insanely Fast Motorcyclist Who Drove 50 Miles In 20 Minutes


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Colorado State Police issued an arrest warrant for a motorcyclist Wednesday, months after he posted a video to YouTube that allegedly showed him weaving in and out of traffic at over 150 miles per hour, KRDO reports.

The incident apparently occurred in Sept. 2023, when a YouTuber who goes by Gixxer Brah allegedly traveled some 50 miles from Garden of the Gods Rd. in Colorado Springs to the Denver metro area in just 20 minutes.

Assuming Gixxer ended his trip at E-470 — the highway that rings Denver and its inner suburbs — he would have driven around 49 miles, requiring an average speed of 147mph.

Screenshot // Google Maps

Screenshot // Google Maps

Police charged him with placing another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury, engaging in a speed contest, reckless endangerment, driving 40 mph over the presumptive speed limit and driving without vehicle tags, among other charges, according to KRDO.

Gixxer Brah, whose real name is Rendon Dietzmann according to WPDE, boasts a following of 253,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In a video that YouTube reportedly deleted from his channel, but that has circulated widely elsewhere, Dietzmann can be seen zooming down the Colorado highway, passing cars as he weaves through traffic. The Daily Caller received a clip of the incident from Colorado State Police.

Colorado State Police issued the warrant in December, according to Vail Daily, citing Dietzmann’s recklessness. (RELATED: Eight Vehicles In Florida Trample Biker To Death After He Falls From Motorcycle, Police Say: REPORT)

“That’s a very dangerous thing to do,” Trooper Gabriel Moltrer told KRDO. “Any type of wind shear could throw his bike off. It could surprise drivers that are right there next to him, to swerve and cause an accident. He may even be hit, lose control of his bike and be ejected. And at that speed, that’s going to cause significant injury, if not death.”

While I certainly do not condone reckless driving of this sort, the video is undoubtedly mesmerizing. Seeing him zip past cars like they’re standing still is oddly captivating. If I hadn’t seen the police statements verifying it, I would’ve thought it was AI-generated.

Dietzmann, a resident of Texas, appears to still be at large. He has posted numerous YouTube and Instagram videos since the warrant has been issued and doesn’t seem to be concerned at all.