CNN Senior Analyst Warns Biden That Independents Trending More Conservative Should Keep Him ‘Up At Night’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN senior political commentator Errol Louis warned President Joe Biden and Democrats on Friday that independents trending more conservative should keep the party “up at night.”

CNN’s Political Director David Chalian laid out results from a new CNN poll showing more independents trending toward the conservative side of several key issues like economy, immigration and the state of the nation.

Chalian said that there’s been a near 20% increase among independents who believe the situation at the southern border is a crisis, compared to a 13% increase from Democrats, up to 67%. The poll also found that while 62% of Democrats who were polled believe things are going well in the country, just 32% of independents do, along with 14% of conservatives.

“Errol, when you look at these numbers, what has and has not changed frankly when we look at the polling here, what do you think the takeaway should be for the Biden campaign, what will it be?” CNN’s Erica Hill asked.

“The number that should keep them up at night is the independents kind of walking away, sort of falling into a more conservative camp, maybe looking askance at what the administration is or is not doing on the border especially and also on the economy. That’s their margin of victory, that’s their problem. Democrats seem to be on board, not entirely enthusiastic but you can run a mobilization strategy later in the campaign. But if you lose the independents, that’s where you really start having problems in Arizona, in Georgia, in Wisconsin, in Pennsylvania, in the key states that made the difference four years ago.” (RELATED: Voters’ ‘Single Most Important Issue’ Is God’s Gift To Republicans)

Biden is currently trailing former President Donald Trump in several key states among all voters.

A Messenger/Harris poll found Trump leading Biden 48% to 41% with 11% undecided. Trump also leads Biden by several point,s according to the RealClearPolitics averages, in crucial battleground states like Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and North Carolina.