REPORT: Senior BBC Employee To Be Disciplined For Alleged Antisemitic Social Media Posts

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A senior employee at BBC News is set to be disciplined for a slew of antisemitic Facebook posts, according to Deadline.

Dawn Queva, a senior scheduling coordinator and playout planner at BBC Three, has allegedly echoed Extremist Black Hebrew Israelite ideology, which states that Jews have no right to a homeland and that they are satanic imposters of the true “chosen people,” according to The Times of Israel.

In one post, she allegedly referred to Jews as “a bunch of subcontinental European melanin recessive CaucAsian japhetic AshkeNazi who have no, None, zero, zilch blood connection to the land of Palestine or Israel historically,” according to Deadline. Another post allegedly refers to Jews as a “subcontinental Caucasian invader coloniser species with zero indigenous/blood.”

She also allegedly referred to the Holocaust as a “holohoax,” accusing the Jews of “buying and selling those who kidnap from Africa,” according to Deadline. She allegedly denied the Holocaust in a Jan. 13 post by writing how “thieving parasite nomad squatters [Jews] will always bang on about 6 million which they still can’t prove whilst conveniently forgetting about the 10s of millions of Russians who were also killed in WWII.”

“The Zionist genocidal land squatting so-called Jews irrespective of the fact that The UKKK and Amerikkka gave away land they had no god given right to a people who have no god given right to,” another post allegedly reads.

She later allegedly called Jews “Nazi apartheid parasites” in a Jan. 26 post and allegedly shared a video accusing Israel of engineering the Israel-Hamas war, according to The Times of Israel.

At least 22 Jewish staffers at BBC recently filed a complaint against the network over its coverage of the Israel-Hamas war and another employee’s tweets, who had previously been suspended for comparing the U.K.’s asylum policy to Nazi Germany. The staffer, “Match of the Day” host Gary Lineker, allegedly said the U.K.’s asylum policy was “not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s,” The Associated Press reported. (RELATED: BBC Doubles Down On Translating ‘Jew’ As ‘Israeli In Palestinians’ Anti-Semitic Comments)

He also allegedly shared a tweet by an account that allegedly called for the Jewish state to be banned from international soccer tournaments and another of an interview by the Guardian’s Owen Jones of Raz Segal, where he allegedly claimed Israel participated in “genocidal killing,” The Jewish Chronicle reported. Lineker said he believed the post referred to Israel having been banned from the event, according to The Jewish Chronicle. He has reportedly further stated he does not see criticisms of Israel as being antisemitic.

Director General Tim Davie held “listening meetings” with staff over the alleged bias in its coverage of the Israel-Hamas war, Deadline reported. A contestant of The Apprentice was reportedly given diversity training after allegedly calling a Zionist a “godless satanic cult.”

A BBC spokesperson said the network condemns any form of antisemitism.

“We don’t comment on individual members of staff and we have well-established and robust processes in place to handle such issues, we do not tolerate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or any form of abuse and we take any such allegations seriously and take appropriate disciplinary action wherever necessary,” the spokesperson said, according to Deadline.