Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Posing As Medical Staff To Cross Police Tape In Clearwater Plane Crash

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Mariane Angela Contributor
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A man was arrested Thursday for allegedly posing as medical staff to cross the crime scene tape at a plane crash site in Clearwater, Florida, Fox 13 reported.

Joseph Salvatore Schifano, 66, is facing legal trouble after allegedly breaching the police barrier at the plane crash site, according to Fox 13. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. when Schifano allegedly claimed he was medical staff as he approached the restricted area, according to the outlet.

Clearwater police reported Schifano failed to prove his claim of being on medical duty with any form of identification or proof of employment, according to the outlet. After being told to “move along,” Schifano was later confronted by officers after he allegedly ducked under the crime scene tape at another location, according to an affidavit, the outlet reported. By then, he was an “entire house length into the crime scene,” Fox 13 reported. (RELATED:‘Oh, S–t’: Newly Released Audio Captures Horrifying Final Moments Of Pilot Before Plane Crash)

Schifano initially claimed his intrusion was driven by mere curiosity, saying he was “just nosey,” however, he was reportedly actively recording the aftermath of the plane crash on his cellphone, the outlet noted. Following his arrest and having his rights read, Schifano conceded his mistake and offered an apology to the officers, the outlet reported. He revealed his intent behind capturing the footage was to sell it to a media company for monetary gain, according to the outlet.

The incident resulted in Schifano facing charges for resisting an officer without violence.