Newcastle United Fan Banned From Matches Until 2026 Over Views On Transgenderism: REPORT

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People in England have lost their damn minds!

A fan has reportedly been banned by Newcastle United from going to matches at their stadium due to alleged posts she published on social media that criticized transgenderism, with one of her posts allegedly asserting “transgender women” aren’t real women … which, well, they’re not.

The English Premier League is being hit with accusations of deploying “Stasi” tactics following a dossier, a total of 11 pages, focusing on her posts on social media. This is in addition to other intel allegedly on Linzi Smith, who is a supporter of the Magpies. It’s being reported that the information was being used to ban her from going to games until 2026 and, on top of that, they gave everything to police in an alleged attempt to get her arrested over her alleged posts.

Smith, reportedly a lesbian, threw criticism at transgenderism due to their “movement” wiping out women’s rights. She’s alleging the report from the Premier League also featured life details, including her residence, work address and even where she walks her dog. (RELATED: Police Department Asks People To Stop Tweeting Mean Things About Jackbooted Fascist Lady Cop)

Smith was informed by Newcastle United she was in violation of her membership because her alleged social media posts supposedly violated the organization’s equality and diversity policies, according to The Telegraph.

Here’s an example of one of her posts:

“It’s like they’re trying to trans the gay away. You’re a young woman who likes sport? YOU’VE BEEN BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!!! You’re a young man who likes makeup and dressing up??? YOU’VE BEEN BORN IN THE WRONG BODY!!!! Make it make sense.”


Truly one of the most clown world stories I’ve ever covered.