Police Department Asks People To Stop Tweeting Mean Things About Jackbooted Fascist Lady Cop

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Meanwhile in England…

A police officer — an unpaid volunteer, by the way — ridiculously told a Christian singer that she was “not allowed to sing church songs outside of church grounds,” and then proceeded to stick her tongue out at her.

Harmonie London, a 20-year-old Gospel singer who has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers, regularly performs worship music on Oxford Street while people are shopping.

But a Metropolitan Police special constable recently stepped in to stop her. (RELATED: Police Officer Gets Jiggy With It During Kansas-Iowa State College Basketball Game)

“No miss, you’re not allowed to sing church songs outside of church grounds, by the way,” the woman says in a clip that circulated on Monday.

Just watch this nonsense:

Oh, but this situation gets even better.

The police officer was understandably blasted with criticism on social media.

This totally understandably outrage was completely “unacceptable,” according to the Metropolitan Police, who took to Twitter with some straight up Clown World material:

So the authoritarian psycho (who loves bossing people around so much that she’ll do it for free) just made a little whoopsie, but anybody criticizing her is engaged in “unacceptable” behavior. Got it.

Truly incredible stuff.