Nicolas Cage Is At It Again With Another Bizarre Trailer For A Weirdly Wonky Film


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Just when you thought Nicolas Cage would take a break from being a big freakin’ weirdo, he’s back at it again in the trailer for “Longlegs,” released Saturday.

There is literally nothing that Nick Cage can do wrong, but he really did scare me quite a bit in the trailer for upcoming horror-thriller “Longlegs.” The story follows FBI agent Lee Harker, who is assigned to figure out the truth behind an unsolved serial killer case which takes an “unexpected turn,” according to Deadline.

Almost nothing is being revealed about the story and production other than it comes from writer-director Oz Perkins and will star Cage, Alicia Witt and Maika Monroe.

The trailer is … creepy. There’s no other word for it. While a lot of Cage’s films are utterly off the wall, totally bizarre and often so bad they’re good, this one looks just downright chilling. Even just the few scenes provided in the trailer are enough to give you nightmares, so I dread to think what the final product will look like. (RELATED: ‘Dumb Money’ Is Probably Most Important Film In Modern History Because It Shows You How The World Really Works)

However, if you’re a true horror fan, then this movie will absolutely be for you! It seems like it mixes all of the most uncomfortable elements of the genre and throws them at you like a spider web.

“Longlegs” is expected to be released on July 12.