‘Everything Looks New’: IDF Soldier Gives Video Tour Of Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar’s Alleged Villa

Screenshot/ Twitter/ @Osint613

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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An Israeli soldier created a video of himself giving a virtual tour of what he identified as “the villa of Yahya Sinwar” in the Gaza Strip, Open Source Intel tweeted Tuesday.

The video showcased the grandiose and luxurious residence that the head of Hamas in the Gaza Strip allegedly once lived in before the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War. (RELATED: REPORT: Over 20 Percent Of The Remaining Hostages In Gaza Have Died)

“Hi friends, we are here in the villa of Yahya Sinwar,” announced the IDF soldier in Hebrew while holding the camera. He mockingly said that the place now sells for the bargain price of “zero shekels” and proceeded with the tour. The camera panned to what the soldier described as a living room, which was huge and filled with white columns. The video appeared to show several soldiers wandering around the vast building.

The camera eventually panned to a nice-looking staircase. “Here are the beautiful stairs,” the soldier raved. He then entered the kitchen. “Everything looks new,” he declared. “This is a new kitchen,” he emphasized with the camera panning at the appliances and white floor.

The video appeared to show that the house had damage inside of it and broken pieces of furniture. Assuming the identification of the villa with Yahya Sinwar is correct, this is not the only house the terror leader has in the Gaza Strip. The IDF raided the vacation homes of Hamas officials — including Sinwar — back in December 2023 and found some 30 tunnels underneath them, The Times of Israel reported.

“We found weapons, tunnels inside vacation homes of senior Hamas officials,” Col. Elad Tzuri told the outlet. “We see a lot of tunnel shafts here, still encountering the enemy but gaining operational control of the area.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) shared photos and a video of the luxurious vacation home of Marwan Issa, the deputy commander of Hamas’ military wing, back in Jan. “Hamas leaders are in heaven and Gaza residents are in hell,” Lt. Col. Avichay Adraee, the IDF’s Arabic spokesman, said.

Sinwar is rumored to be hiding in the tunnel system underneath the Gazan city of Khan Yunis alongside other surviving senior Hamas officials.