Dramatic Video Shows Helicopter Crew Saving Man And Dog From Raging Waters

YouTiube/Screenshot/KCAL News

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Video caught the moment that Helicopter crews in California rescued a man Monday after he jumped into the surging waters of the Los Angeles River to save his dog, ABC7 reported.

Rescue crews began searching for the man and his dog at 2:45 pm near the Pacoima Wash, quickly discovering the pet who had successfully made it to the edge of the surging river, according to ABC7.

After rescuing the dog, helicopter crews found the man in the river, lowering a crew member to save him from the rapids, ABC7 reported. The man was later transported to the hospital for cold-related injuries, according to KCAL News. (RELATED: Woman Swept Away Under Ice After Jumping Into River To Save Family Dog)

KCAL News reminded viewers to take caution and avoid going into rushing river waters to save pets.

“It’s hard to tell people not to go after their pets because of course they’re so loved, but this is exactly what happens when you do that. You yourself become a patient. Fire department having to rescue both that dog and this person,” KCAL News reporter Mike Rogers said.

The dog was reported to be doing well after being taken to a local veterinary hospital to be checked, KCAL News reported.

“The good news is the dog and the man were rescued, but, again, don’t go into the river after your pets, just call the fire department,” Rogers said.

The rivers in the area were surging to “a rare risk of excessive rainfall” in the region, “with downtown Los Angeles receiving 75% of its annual rainfall in only the second month of 2024,” CNN reported.

Thus far two people have died due to accidents related to the storm, and more than 200,000 California power customers face potential power outages, according to CNN.