There’s A Silver Lining To Biden’s Border Nightmare That Will Have Golf Fans Cheering

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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When ICE finally gets frosty, and the illegals are rounded up, there’s one group the feds must spare.

If you can believe it, a silver lining emerged from Ground Zero of Joe Biden’s border disaster in late December. While Putin’s Ukraine invasion is giving the West a whole generation of child-bearing supermodels, Biden’s fiasco is giving America something even more coveted than tall blondes with plump lips and sexy accents: a fresh generation of male, Hispanic golf fans.

A video circulating social media shows the moment a young American buck tees off at a golf course butting up against the U.S.-Mexico border. It appears he piped it. The camera then pans to reveal a group of illegal migrants, huddled under an overpass, erupting into a loud cheer, a cheer so spirited that it reminded this columnist of the crowd during Phil Mickelson’s Masters-winning putt in 2004.

The Eagle Pass reaction was golf ecstasy, pure America — it’s the spirit that burns within model U.S. citizens like John Daly, Rickie Fowler and John Daly’s son, Little John. It’s the reason why these golf fans, who were more rowdy than your average LIV-goer, deserve citizenship. Fast-track them now. Whatever it takes. We need them at Pinehurst in June when Rickie throws darts with his pitching wedge. (RELATED: John Daly’s Breakfast Of Champions Proves There’s Still Alphas Kicking In Biden’s America)

Watch the incredible moment:

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more American than cheering on a golfer who bombs a missile drive that looks more like MOAB falling over Iran than a Titleist Pro-V1. There’s nothing more American than slinging back some ice-cold Micky Ultras, blasting a couple of fairway cigs and hitting on the cart girl, during a sweaty foursome with the boys. (RELATED: America’s Top Golfers Need To Learn A Lesson From The Boys Who Stormed Normandy’s Beaches)

What America desperately needs more than a secure border and high-paying blue-collar jobs is young, energetic men willing to learn the game of golf, celebrate the game of golf, and pass on the beautiful tradition to their progeny.

Frankly, these illegals seem up to the task.