‘Stop, Stop’: Ingraham Cuts Off Guest Who Jokes Biden Will Have To Be ‘Loaded’ With ‘A Lot Of Drugs’ Before Speech

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Fox host Laura Ingraham quickly cut off a guest Thursday night after he joked that White House doctors would need to “load” President Joe Biden with a “lot of drugs” before his evening speech.

Former Gorsuch law clerk Mike Davis appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss his thoughts on Biden’s last-minute press conference Thursday night addressing a recent ruling in a case regarding his handling of classified documents. As Ingraham said it would “take a lot more” to convince America to have confidence in Biden, Davis jumped in, appearing to joke about the president’s medical needs. (RELATED: ‘It Practically Screams’: Calls To Invoke The 25th Erupt After Hur’s Damning Biden Report)

“I think it’s going to take a lot more than whatever they can produce on a teleprompter at 7:45 plus at night,” Ingraham said.

“Man those White House military doctors are going to have to load him up with a lot of drugs after … ,” Davis said. 

Ingraham quickly cut Davis off and pivoted back to the press conference. The Fox host also talked about Biden’s recent political losses and to a recent report about his “mental faculties.” (RELATED: Biden Mixes Up Presidents, Forgets Name Of Parish In Speech Meant To Defend His Memory)

“Okay stop, we don’t know that. Stop, stop, stop. But the truth is, this is a kind of do-or-die moment for Biden politically. This is a low watermark after many low watermarks for him,” Ingraham broke in. “He didn’t get the border bill. They didn’t get that through for political cover. They’re gonna lose this case in Colorado at the court as we already discussed. And now this report about his mental faculties. He has not chalked up a lot of wins lately.”  

A report regarding the ruling on Biden’s mishandling of classified documents was released Thursday by special counsel Robert Hur, who notably decided not to press any further charges against the president. However, Hur noted in the report that Biden appeared to present himself as an “elderly man with a poor memory” in their interviews.

Biden received backlash following the report, with some suggesting there is evidence to invoke the 25th Amendment to deem Biden incapable of performing his presidential duties and remove him from office.