REPORT: TikTokers Raise $400,000 For Homeless Man Who Assaulted Woman


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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TikTokers reportedly raised more than $400,000 for a homeless man who reportedly assaulted a woman.

The victim, who requested to remain anonymous, spoke out about the June 2020 attack by the man in Washington, D.C., after she recognized him in the viral video, Fox 5 DC reported.

“I’m speechless” the victim told the outlet. “I do not understand how a human being can act like this. He’s a sociopath. He does not have a sense of remorse.”

A college intern recently filmed a viral video of herself buying tea for the man, Alonzo Douglas Hebron, according to the outlet. Since then, she raised $400,000 for him through a GoFundMe fundraiser promoted on her social media, unaware of his history.

Video captured the day of the 2020 attack shows Hebron smother the victim’s face with a scarf while she was asleep outside Foundry United Methodist Church in Northwest D.C., the outlet reported. He was seen punching the victim’s face and body multiple times for several minutes, police confirmed.

The victim said she was taken to a hospital after the incident, where she woke up without memory of the attack.

A judge sentenced Hebron to four years in prison for the 2020 incident, according to multiple reports.

The victim from the 2020 attack said Hebron was known to be dangerous among the homeless community, emphasizing how upsetting it is for her to watch the viral TikTok video. (RELATED: ‘I Love DC’: Woman Crawls Home After Being Beaten, Maced And Robbed)

“I’ve been struggling since then. I’m an alcoholic in recovery,” the victim told the outlet. “Last week was my 18-month anniversary and the last two days, I came close, but I didn’t because he’s not worth it.”

The victim made clear that she does not blame the college student for trying to help somebody. She said that the TikToker “meant well” and that she “applauds her” for her good intentions. However, the victim also stated that the unknowing intern was “portraying him as something he just simply isn’t.”

He has a history of various assaults and robberies, Fox 5 DC reported.

Hebron was sentenced to five years in jail after stabbing a man in the neck with a screwdriver in Nov. 2012, according to Department of Justice records.

Hebron was released and sent to a halfway house in June 2023, where he ultimately escaped before being recaptured by the U.S. Marshals Service.