‘I Love DC’: Woman Crawls Home After Being Beaten, Maced And Robbed


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A woman reportedly crawled home Saturday after being beaten, maced and robbed in Washington, D.C.

Three people allegedly attacked the 26-year-old victim before midnight, wounding her until she was left crawling back to her home on 2 Street Northwest, Fox 5 DC reported.

“I love D.C.,” the victim said. “It just makes me sad that this is going to change how I experience D.C. and interact with my neighborhood and my space around me.”

The suspects stole the woman’s wallet, which contained her ID, her insurance card and her debit and credit cards, the police report stated. After unlocking her phone at her attackers’ request, the victim’s iPhone was stolen too.

The woman told police she felt a knife in her side after being pushed to the ground by her attackers, the outlet reported. She also said she was sprayed in the face with mace multiple times while on the ground. (RELATED: Carjacker Shoots Ex-Trump Official, Police Say)

“I’m definitely feeling shaken up,” the victim told the outlet. “Just general feelings of being unsafe like on my neighborhood. I just feel like personally targeted and sort of violated.”

Detectives are investigating the incident in an attempt to identify the suspects, according to the outlet.

Washington, D.C. is no stranger to crime. Total violent crime in Washington, D.C. has surged 39%, and robberies increased 67% in 2023, according to police data.