‘Ron DeSantis Killed Me’: Protester’s Sign Goes Viral After Florida Enacts New DMV Policy


Lorenzo Prieto Contributor
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LGBT protesters lied down in protest while holding signs in response to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ ban on choosing a preferred gender for one’s driver’s license, according to Florida’s voice.

Demonstrators complained in mass against the Florida Senate for passing a new law, House Bill 1639, that forces drivers to put their biological sex on their license.

Several protesters held signs Feb. 9 that read “The DMV murdered me,” “Ron DeSantis killed me” and “hate kills” at die-in protests at multiple DMV locations. The protestors wanted to represent “Floridians who were verbally harassed, denied benefits or service, asked to leave or assaulted when showing an ID with a name or gender that did not match their gender presentation,” according to local LGBT outlet, Watermark.

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Deputy Director Robert Kynoch also stated that the term “gender” had nothing to do with “a person’s internal sense of his or her gender role or identification,” Florida’s Voice reported(RELATED: Florida Walks Back Policy Permitting Changing ID To Match Gender Identity)

“Permitting an individual to alter his or her license to reflect an internal sense of gender role or identity, which is neither immutable nor objectively verifiable, undermines the purpose of an identification record,” Kynoch added in the letter.