Biden Attorney Refuses To Say Whether He Supports Releasing Transcripts, Recordings Of Special Counsel Interview

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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President Joe Biden’s personal attorney Bob Bauer avoided giving his position Sunday on CBS on releasing the transcripts and recordings of interviews between the president and special counsel Robert Hur.

Bauer appeared on “Face the Nation” to discuss the recent release of Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents, in which he labeled Biden an “elderly man with a poor memory” during their interviews. During the attorney’s interview, CBS host Margaret Brennan noted that it appeared Bauer had been recalling events during the reported interviews and that there had been transcripts of the conversations, which Bauer confirmed. (RELATED: Dems Are Quietly Telling Team Biden He Has To Be Out In Public More After Special Counsel Report)

“So what you’re talking about and letters you’ve released make it sound like there are indeed transcripts you have of these conversations over the 8th and the 9th,” Brennan stated. 

“Yes, I’m drawing here on my recollections, but there are transcripts. As you heard Ian Sams in the press briefing room say, there are discussions underway because it’s a classified document about what could or whether we’ll be or when released, I can’t add anything to that today,” Bauer stated. 

Brennan then pressed Bauer if he “favored” releasing the transcripts to the public due to his defense of the president, however, Bauer stated that it was a decision that had to “take place within the government” since it is a “classified document.”

“Do you favor releasing them?” Brennan questioned. 

“Well it’s really a decision that has to take place within the government. It’s a classified document,” Bauer stated.

“You’re the president’s counsel though,” Brennan stated.

I’m the president’s personal counsel,” Bauer corrected.

Brennan continued to question Biden’s attorney asking if he would “recommend” that they be made public if they “backed up” his personal recollection of the conversations. Bauer refused to give a straight answer to the CBS host by stating that he was “not a specialist” in the process before Brennan pivoted to asking if the president has “any memory problems.” (RELATED: Turley Lays Out ‘Serious Problem’ He Has With Biden’s Classified Docs Report)

“Right. Would you recommend they be made public if they indeed back up your personal recollection?” Brennan pressed. 

“Again, there’s a process underway. I’m not a specialist in that process and so I really have to defer to those who have to work through those issues,” Bauer continued. 

“Okay, but because just this past week alone the president in public remarks mixed up the leaders of France, Germany, referred to Egypt as Mexico. Does the president have any memory problems?” Brennan questioned. 

“He does not. I was in the interview room. Let me tell you one other vignette from the interview room. There were a couple of occasions when the special counsel, who had flagged at the beginning sometimes he asks imprecise questions, asked questions that the president picked apart as a matter of logic. He showed they didn’t have a logical underpinning. Now, everybody in the room recognized that was the case. It showed the president was listening carefully and understood precisely what was wrong with those questions. I didn’t come away from the special counsel’s failure to ask precise questions and think to myself, he has mental acuity problems. I just thought he was asking bad questions,” Bauer stated.

Since the release of the report, Biden has received backlash from bipartisan political figures who questioned the president’s mental health. Late Thursday night the president held a press conference to defend his mental state, however, during the meeting Biden had forgotten the church parish from where he got his late son Beau Biden’s rosary, as well as mixed up foreign world leaders.