Video Shows Weather Phenomena Worthy Of Causing A Total Breakdown


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Drone footage of a double rainbow went viral Sunday, and it is so easy to see why.

Younger readers may not remember the virality of the “Double Rainbow” guy, an internet celebrity called Paul who gained notoriety for having a total freakout at a double rainbow that appeared not far from his California farm. To-date, Paul’s video has more than 50 million views, but most people tuned in to listen to his hilarious commentary rather  than look at the incredible weather phenomena.

But a new video, shared by AccuWeather, doesn’t need any commentary at all. In fact, you’ll probably be hard pushed to find any words to describe the sheer beauty of this simply majestic event. It’s so gorgeous, it might be fake. If it’s real, it might make you have a mental breakdown (not really, but still).

A drone photographer shared the original video to Storyful under the name Shreenivasan Manievannan, who also posted it to his Instagram under the caption “Pacifica [California] turned into Hawaii last week (though it was one of the historic storm in terms of damaging winds the side effects were historic in terms of seeing the rainbow literally everyday morning and evening).”

Californians have dealt with seemingly back-to-back intense winter weather events since 2022. The most recent deluge, a “Pineapple Express” atmospheric river, caused much destruction throughout the state. (RELATED: San Diego Declares State Of Emergency Over Catastrophic Flash Flooding)

But on the other side of the chaos is the beauty. Hopefully this new “Double Rainbow” is the finale for California’s winter weather.