Employees Sue McDonald’s Over Not Having Enough Time Or Space To Breastfeed: REPORT

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Samuel Spencer Contributor
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Two individuals are taking America’s favorite fast-food chain to court over claims there is no time or space for them to breastfeed, according to TMZ.

Kathleen Faber and Lexis Mays both reportedly say they are struggling to return to work at McDonald’s following the birth of their children. The mothers find it difficult to find the time or appropriate place to pump milk for their babies, according to a new class action lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Both women reportedly told their managers that they would need to pump milk while at work and were told there would be no issue. However, the women allege that doesn’t seem to be the case, the lawsuit says, according to TMZ.

Faber, who lives in Kansas, says there is no privacy at her McDonald’s. She says she is forced to pump milk from the corner of a stock room that is out of sight of male employees and security cameras, TMZ reported. Mays claims her McDonald’s does not offer privacy, either. She says she pumps milk from a back office, which allegedly does not have a door and is wide open for coworkers to walk in at any time, the lawsuit says, according to TMZ.

Additionally, the women say that both establishments fail to give them the time needed to pump breast milk during their shifts, the lawsuit reads, according to TMZ. Faber and Mays reportedly say their working conditions cause anxiety, discomfort, humiliation, embarrassment and emotional distress. (RELATED: Teen In Custody After Stabbing Friend To Death Over Spat About Fastfood Condiments: REPORT)

Faber and Mays say McDonald’s is not supplying secure and private places for breastfeeding mothers, which is a federal law, according to the lawsuit, TMZ reported.