Ramaswamy Says GOP Has Opportunity To Own ‘Message Of National Unity’ As Dems Scramble With Biden As Nominee

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said Wednesday on Fox News that the GOP has an opportunity to own the “message of national unity” as the Democrat Party scrambles with President Biden as the nominee.

Ramaswamy appeared on “Hannity” to discuss recent rumors of the Democrat Party possibly replacing Biden as the nominee due to continuously low polls. As Fox host Sean Hannity threw out guesses on who might replace Biden to the former presidential candidate, Ramaswamy stated that regardless of the Democrats choice it is a prime “moment to get ahead” the the curve for the Republican Party. (RELATED: NBC Polling Shows Trump’s ‘Biggest Lead’ Over Biden As It More Than Doubles)

“Well, the reality is that even Hilary Clinton is criticizing Joe Biden, God knows she wants the job. I don’t necessarily take David Axelrod at his word, I do think that it may not even be Michelle Obama’s choice. The idea that just because she doesn’t want to run doesn’t mean they’re going to make her the nominee, I think are two separate and different questions. But whatever it is Sean, this is our moment to get ahead of that curve not play a guessing game,” Ramaswamy stated.

Ramaswamy went on to say that Republicans now have the opportunity to send out a “message of national unity,” listing top political issues that most Americans can agree on their importance. As the former presidential candidate advocated for former President Donald Trump, he noted that the GOP should not respond after waiting for Democrats to “make their decision.” (RELATED: ‘What Is The Rabbit Hole?’: KJP Flees Doocy’s Question About Biden’s Mental Health)

“The Republicans have an opportunity to own the message of national unity. Seal that border  Democrat or Republican, most Americans agree on its importance,” Ramaswamy said. “Black or white, man or woman  It doesn’t matter, we agree nations have borders. Merritt beats DEI. That we got to drill more, frack more. Own the actual issues that allow us to unite this country. The more we get ahead of that curve more, that we say we own the message of national unity  not Joe Biden who claims to unite the country  but we the Republican Party due that to make America great again.”

“We have to make America one nation again. That America first means all Americans,” Ramaswamy continued. “The more we embrace that message in advance, the less it matters if it’s Michelle Obama, or Hillary Clinton, or anybody else. So I’m not a believer in waiting for the other side to make their decisions and then responding. Let’s set our own agenda, national unity as our own message. I think Donald Trump has the ability to deliver on that and that way, either way, he will be victorious this fall as I am keen to make sure we accomplish.”

Biden recently received massive backlash over his mental health, after a report was released by special counsel Robert Hur from his investigation into the president’s handling of classified documents, which labeled Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory” during interviews. A recent national poll conducted by NBC News found that out of 1,000 voters surveyed in late January, 62% of voters stated that they had major concerns with Biden’s mental and physical health.