Video Shows Fistfight Erupting On Southwest Flight

(Screenshot/Public/Fox News)

Mariane Angela Contributor
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A routine flight from Oakland, California, to Hawaii transformed into the scene of a disruptive altercation between two passengers, Fox News reported Wednesday.

Onboard Southwest Airlines Flight 1288, a witness managed to capture the moment on video, revealing a sudden outbreak of physical fighting in the sky.

The altercation began as a verbal exchange between two men, but it escalated quickly into a physical confrontation, according to Fox News. Fellow passengers and the flight’s attendants quickly intervened and separated the two to restore the peace in the cabin.

The swift response included notable efforts from one passenger in particular, who skillfully employed de-escalation techniques to calm a visibly aggravated individual, the outlet reported. The person who captured the video commended the passenger who jumped in for his use of direct eye contact, non-threatening gestures, and what he describes as “tactical empathy.” (RELATED:Airplane Model Involved In Two Fatal Crashes In Six Months Under Inspection For ‘Possible Loose Bolt’)

Upon reaching Hawaii, the two individuals who were allegedly involved in the dispute were taken into custody, according to Fox News.  Southwest Airlines affirmed their commitment to passenger safety when asked for a comment.

“Our reports indicate that two customers became disruptive onboard Flight 1288 on Feb. 12 from Oakland to Lihue,” said a Southwest Airlines spokesperson, Fox News reported. “We commend our crew and customers for their professionalism in diffusing this situation. Our No. 1 priority is the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. The flight landed safely at its scheduled destination and local authorities met the aircraft upon arrival.”