NBA Superstar Josh Hart Absolutely Trashes Indiana: ‘Bottom Of The Barrel’

Screenshot/YouTube/Roommates Show

Robert McGreevy Contributor
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New York Knicks star scorer Josh Hart trashed the state of Indiana on his “Roommates Show” podcast Thursday.

“Hell no, I’m not going to Indianapolis,” Hart said on the podcast he co-hosts with Knicks teammate Jalen Brunson.

“If I don’t have to play the Indiana Pacers, I’m not stepping foot in that state … I do not want to be in Indiana … I’m not an Indiana guy,” Hart continued.

Hart was responding to a question about whether he’d be making an appearance at the NBA’s upcoming All-Star weekend, which is taking place in Indianapolis. (RELATED: NBA Coaching Legend George Karl Calls His Former Star Player Carmelo Anthony ‘Overrated’)

His guest, Brooklyn Nets star Mikal Bridges, joked that “you don’t even want to be there when you’re playing the Pacers,” to which Hart exuberantly agreed: “I don’t even want to be there then!”

Hart added that, in his opinion, Indiana’s White Castle franchise and Long’s Bakery are the state’s only redeeming qualities. “If not for those 2 things … Indiana … bottom of the barrel,” he said.

Hart’s comment adds another hilarious chapter into the Knicks-Pacers rivalry, a feud that dates back to the 1980s when Pacers guard Reggie Miller infamously scored eight points in nine seconds and broke the hearts of Knicks fans everywhere.

Hart’s contribution to the saga won’t be as impactful as Miller’s, but he no doubt gave the Pacers some solid bulletin board material for a potential playoff matchup between the two teams.