Disturbing Video Shows Police Interview Alleged Maine Mass Shooter Robert Card After Mental Breakdown

(Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Thomas McGiffin Contributor
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New bodycam footage provided by ABC7 News of Robert Card, allegedly responsible for 18 killed and 13 wounded during a mass shooting on Oct. 2023 in Maine, shows an interview he had with police after an alleged mental breakdown in July of 2023.

The interview occurred when police escorted him from his barracks to a hospital amid alleged concerns raised about his mental state, according to ABC7 News. He was reportedly stationed at New York State’s Camp Smith with his Army Reserve formation when this event took place.

Card could be heard in the video expressing his frustration with others he could alleged hear talking behind his back. “They keep saying sh*t behind my back.” (RELATED: ‘He’s Going To Snap’: Best Friend Of Alleged Shooter Robert Card Warned Authorities Prior To Mass Shooting: REPORT)

He alleged that he would hear his friends and coworkers calling him “gay” or a “pedophile.”

When asked by police why it would make sense that people he had known for over a decade would start talking bad about him behind his back now, Card responded, saying “it’s happening everywhere.”

Police told him they were called because his unit was “concerned enough about” his “welfare.”

“Oh, ’cause their scared, ’cause I’m going to freaking do something, ’cause I am capable,” Card could be heard responding.

“What do you mean by that?” an officer repeatedly asked him.

“Nothing, no,” Card replied.

“Okay,” the officer said.

He was informed by the police in the video that “the staff here is concerned about you — um, to the point that they have command — directed you to talk with a counselor.”

The bodycam footage ended with Card preparing to be escorted to a counselor by the officers.

After the Oct. shooting at a bowling alley in Maine, Card, the suspect, was found with “an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound” to his head, according to police.

The U.S. Army Reserve is presently carrying out an internal review regarding how warnings about Card’s alleged behavior were managed, ABC7 News reported.