‘Aliens Are Attacking Earth’: Mysterious Glowing Dots Seen Flying In The China Night In Alarming Video


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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What do we have here?

We have interesting footage coming out of China which allegedly shows a ton of mysterious glowing dots flying in the night sky, just over multiple city buildings.

And, even more eerie, it has residents thinking this is potentially a sign of aliens “attacking” Earth.

The video was shot in Deyang, China, located in the southwestern province of Sichuan. It was originally posted on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, and shows shining lights together flowing in train-like fashion slightly above high buildings in residential areas. (RELATED: Nahuelito: Argentina’s Version Of The Loch Ness Monster Has Reportedly Been Caught On Video)

Described as a “dragon gliding across the sky,” the glowing lights reportedly stretched around 500 meters prior to disappearing.

Other footage shows another group of dots seemingly floating while next to a building and moving through the moonlight. Eventually, they joined the longer train of dots.

“Run quickly, aliens are attacking the earth,” commented one person on social media, Metro reported.


Honestly, it looks like a bunch of lightning bugs to me, especially with how the two groups eventually merged with each other. But if it’s not fireflies then, yeah, this is some very weird stuff.

Like … what if these were alien orbs or something?

I mean, it could be possible.

Personally, I’m hoping it’s some mystical Pokémon ish, proving that they’re actually real. Now that would be something. Yes, I know my inner nerd (and kid) is showing, but seriously, though, it looks exactly when trainer Ash sighted legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh.

Tell me those dots following Ho-Oh don’t look like the dots in the China video!

I’m just saying, ladies and gentlemen, we might have just witnessed a Pokémon in real life.