Bodycam Footage Appears To Show Police Officer Pinning Chief Against Car After Chief Was Allegedly Being ‘Drunk Again’

(Screenshot/YouTube/New York Post)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Police bodycam footage appeared to capture an altercation between a New Jersey police sergeant and his chief that escalated into the sergeant slamming the chief onto a car.

Sgt. William Major was in the middle of assessing a car accident allegedly caused by an intoxicated driver on the night of Nov. 9. Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard Guida then appeared on the scene dressed casually and appeared to start a verbal disagreement, which then turned physical, TAPinto reported. (RELATED: ‘You Count How Many You Saved’: Police Release Video Of Intense Gunfight With Hamas On Oct. 7)

“Why do you got a jacket on that is not fit to be worn?” Guida asked, pointing out that the lettering of the clothing was peeling.

Major then ended up taking the jacket off. “Okay, chief. Let me work this DWI, okay,” Major said.

Major then turned back toward his fellow officers, but Guida demanded Major come back. “Chief, l am on a DWI,” Major responded repeatedly. Guida was persistent in his demands and walked closer toward Major.

The verbal argument then appeared to turn physical after Guida apparently “touched” Major. Major appeared to slam his commanding officer against a car while angrily saying, “Don’t you touch me.” Major instructed his boss to “get out of here before you get a problem.”

Guida ordered the other officers to “take” Major “in,” but none of them moved. Major, while picking up Guida’s keys that fell during the altercation, could be heard saying “drunk again.” Major then returned the keys to Guida. Guida then repeatedly said that he was relieving Major and to come back to headquarters. Major appeared to end up complying with this order and got back into his car to drive to headquarters.

“Talk about crossing the line. Chief interferes on car stop and struggles with sergeant. Out of control!” the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association tweeted about the incident.

Since the incident, Guida has been placed on paid administrative leave after the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the matter. Major has returned to full time duty, according to TAPinto. The investigation has been completed and filed.

“I can’t really comment in detail at this time; but I am confident we will have closure shortly,” Bradley Beach Mayor Larry Fox said, TAPinto reported.