PIERCE: Democrats’ Migrant Crisis Is A Betrayal Of Black Americans

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Will Pierce Contributor
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As a former Democrat who has witnessed the erosion of promises and the abandonment of principles, I cannot stay silent any longer. The border crisis, fueled by the Democratic Party’s misguided policies, is a blatant betrayal of Black Americans. 

The Democratic Party’s relentless push for amnesty and benefits for illegal immigrants stands as a glaring example of their misplaced priorities. Instead of prioritizing the wellbeing and concerns of American citizens, particularly those from marginalized communities whom they claim to champion, they have chosen to institute policies that reward individuals who have knowingly violated our immigration laws. 

The consequences of illegal migration extend beyond mere numbers; they directly impact the lives and livelihoods of Black Americans. Scarce resources are diverted away from addressing the needs of Black and lower-income communities, exacerbating existing challenges such as homelessness and unemployment. In cities like Chicago and New York, where Black residents make up a significant proportion of the homeless population, funds that could be allocated to addressing these pressing issues are instead directed towards housing, feeding, and providing services for illegal migrants. Even recreation centers and schools intended for Black communities are being used to house migrants. 

Migrant crime has also become a real problem. Recently, migrants were released without bail after assaulting police officers in Times Square. Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens are often required to post bail even for minor offenses. Americans are left vulnerable to migrant crime while having to foot the bill for their services.

In reality, Democrats have done little for minority communities other than divert their attention to non-issues. Take, for example, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine’s recent claim that climate change is impacting Black communities at a higher rate than other racial groups. The notion that climate change is at the top of Black voters’ minds is wholly disconnected from the reality of their concerns. In my experience, conversations within the Black community rarely, if ever, revolve around climate change as a pressing issue.

Yet, instead of addressing the challenges faced by Black and minority communities, such as economic opportunity, cost of living, and rising violence, Democrats have been using racial issues as distractions to evade accountability. This tactic of using Black Americans as political pawns does great disservice to our community. Democrats have taken our vote for granted for far too long. 

However, the tide seems to be turning, and rightfully so. Several polls have shown President Joe Biden’s approval rating dropping among Black Americans. Democrats are losing support among Black men, Black voters in rural areas, and Black voters without a college degree — individuals who often hold lower-paying jobs and are most affected by the economic impact of mass immigration. 

This shift in support among Black Americans highlights a growing awareness in the community that Democrats are cognizant of their dwindling support. Why else would they advocate for mass amnesty and allowing noncitizens to vote in local elections in cities like New York and Boston? The hypocrisy of open border policies cannot be overlooked. While the Democratic Party claims to champion the rights of marginalized communities, their actions tell a different story. Black Americans, who have historically supported the Democratic Party, are waking up to the harsh reality that their needs and concerns are being sidelined in favor of illegal immigrants.

The responsibility for the ongoing crisis at the border and its detrimental impact on Black communities falls squarely on the shoulders of President Biden. His actions have effectively sold out Black communities, neglecting their interests in favor of political expediency. We must acknowledge the real and tangible harm this has caused and take action to address it.

It’s time for a reckoning. The Democratic Party must be held accountable for its failed policies on immigration, which have directly betrayed the trust and interests of Black Americans. We cannot continue to ignore the plight of Black communities while prioritizing the needs of illegal immigrants. Black Americans, who have made substantial contributions to the nation’s development and bravely defended it in times of conflict, deserve more than to be overlooked in favor of illegal migrants. 

Will Pierce served as executive director of Draft Biden 2016, worked for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 campaigns, and raised funds for Biden in 2020.

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