Video Appears To Show Fish Absolutely Clobbering Newscaster Amid Insane Weather


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Footage went viral Thursday of a fish clobbering a Norwegian newscaster before he was nearly dragged out to sea in the middle of a broadcast

Norway is in the midst of one of its worst storms in 30 years, but at least one newscaster seemed to have some fun with it as everything went wrong during a recent broadcast. David Jørgenvåg was filming his friend battling hurricane-strength winds along the Norwegian coast as a fish leapt out of the ocean and hammered the guy in the face.

The hit was so hard it knocked Jørgenvåg’s friend to the ground right as an absolutely massive wave overwhelmed the coastline. You can quite clearly hear one of the men screaming as the tide hits and starts to retreat, almost dragging the newscaster with it.

But it was all fun and games. The screams quickly turned to peels of laughter. It’s quite infectious to listen to, actually! (RELATED: New Absolutely Massive Anaconda Species Discovered, And It’s Like Something Out Of A Sci-Fi Story)

The team appeared to be out filming during Storm Ingunn. Wind speeds in some parts of the country reached upwards of 120 mph, a new national record, according to The Associated Press (AP)

Ingunn ripped roofs off homes, led to mass power outages and flight cancellations. Thankfully, no deaths were reported. Not even the fish.