Billie Eilish Covered Melissa McCarthy’s Mouth, Aggressively Autographed Her Face


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Billie Eilish tilted Melissa McCarthy’s head back, covered her mouth with her hand and signed McCarthy’s forehead with a sharpie in a bizarre skit at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday.

The bizarre video has been making its rounds on social media, as fans tune in to view the strange exchange. McCarthy asked for her face to be signed but continued to talk as Eilish was writing on her forehead, so Eilish used her left hand to smother McCarthy’s mouth to get her to be quiet.

“I think that’s better,” Eilish jokingly said, as she completed her signature by adding a tiny heart on McCarthy’s face.

The crowd laughed hysterically at the skit, and both Eilish and McCarthy seemed to struggle to stifle their giggles.

Both ladies took the stage to present the award for Outstanding Female Actor in a comedy series.

The awkward autograph moment was instigated by McCarthy when she shared a “fun fact” with the “Bad Guy” star about how she had actually met her before she was born.

“I actually met you in utero because your mom was my first improv teacher. And guess who she was pregnant with? It was you,” McCarthy said.

“Wow, OK. That’s a lot,” Eilish, said.

McCarthy continued fangirling over Eilish and eventually asked her if she would sign her metallic gown.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

“I’m just trying to be more present in making memories and I’m trying for more YOLO-ing and less FOMO-ing,” McCarthy told Eilish.

Eilish denied the offer, saying she didn’t want to ruin her outfit.

McCarthy was relentless in her desire to have Eilish leave a mark on her in some way.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Will you sign my face?” she asked.

Eilish didn’t seem opposed in any way. She pulled out a black Sharpie and autographed the middle of her forehead.

She started talking as Eilish was mere centimeters from her face, applying her signature. (RELATED: Jeremy Renner Walks Across Award Stage Unassisted In Surprise Appearance)

“So, when you and [your bother] Finneas are putting down sick tracks or hot, hot beats…,” McCarthy started saying before Eilish physically stopped her from speaking.