Insane Photos Of Indiana Waterspout Look Photoshopped


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A slew of photographs were shared on social media Tuesday of an absolutely mind-blowing waterspout/potential tornado not too far from Chicago, Illinois.

The alleged waterspout reportedly touched down in the northwest portion of Lake County, not too far from Gary, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois, according to one woman who posted a series of images and videos of the humongous weather. Another series of images and photographs from storm chaser Jonny Gabel show the storm clouds evolving over the region, lightning illuminating the skies and the waterspout as it emerged between the clouds and waters.

Self-described solo storm chaser Nina Brady posted a series of images of the “tornado-producing storms” west of Chicago, and her work is utterly beautiful. The National Weather Service (NWS) is still investigating whether tornadoes touched down in the area, but you don’t have to wait for government approval to know what you’re seeing in these images.

Along with the “potential tornadoes” and waterspout, the region witnessed strong winds and hail. Temperatures plummeted 60 degrees in the night, according to Fox Chicago, and snow flurries are expected throughout Wednesday. (RELATED: Waterspout Flings Debris All Over In Key West During Insane Weather Event)

Judging from NWS’s definition, Tuesday night’s event is most likely a tornadic, if not a “significant” tornadic waterspout. These occur in conjunction with a developing thunderstorm.