Hotels Charge Horrific Prices To See Major Cosmic Event. They Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A report published Friday detailed how a bunch of greedy bastards are trying to overcharge people to see the first total eclipse since 2017. What the heck is wrong with these guys?

On April 8, the U.S. will experience a major solar eclipse as it moves up through the Pacific coast through Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine before it heads out over Canada. More than 30 million Americans will be able to witness this incredible event, and a bunch of disgusting humans are trying to make bank off one of Earth’s most magical gifts.

The Fairfield Inn by Marriott in Killeen, Texas, is trying to charge $809 for people to stay on April 8. A week later, the prices are $103, according to the New York Post. This kind of proves the establishment doesn’t need the additional $700, but they’re going to try and charge you for it anyway.

The prices are similarly exploitative at the Holiday Inn Express in Terre Haute, Indiana, and at locations in Cleveland, Missouri and more. The South Side Inn in Burlington, Vermont, usually charges $120 per night, but prices jumped to $1,585 for the night of the eclipse.

While I appreciate that we live in a capitalist society and pricing around demand is often considered the best approach to business, this just feels disgusting and exploitative when it comes to experiencing something gifted to us by God.

And while I’m on the topic, the fact the U.S. charges people to go into National Parks should be a crime against humanity. Just how pathetically obsessed with wealth do you have to be to do this? And don’t we pay enough in taxes for all National Parks, museums, and areas of academic and scientific interest to be free?

The correct and only answer to this question is “yes.” But it seems like your politicians and business leaders have done an amazing job of grifting off what God gave you for free. (RELATED: One National Park Hikes Price Tag To Cover Costs. Why Aren’t Our Taxes Protecting Our Land?)

As a result, most Americans have no clue how lucky they are to live in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world. Can you imagine how incredible it would be for the kids in your inner cities to have free access to the natural wonders the U.S. has to offer? The inspiration that could be drawn from exposure to our natural world should be enough to revolutionize a new swell of patriotism and pride in the homeland.

But instead your kids stare at screens and leave school unable to read. And we wonder why they don’t give a shit about this country anymore. They don’t even know how amazing it is, and how lucky they are to be born here. This is your fault for not demanding your government give you “free” (i.e. taxpayer-funded) access to what is rightfully yours: the natural wonders of America.

The Marriott did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s requests for comment. The Holiday Inn Express in Terre Haute said “no comment.” The South Side Inn said “no comment,” and that their pricing is based on the software, which responds to demand.

We live in the worst timeline, and you can’t prove me wrong.