Crybaby Ace Gerrit Cole Mad Vogelbach Took His Time On Home Run Trot … Maybe Don’t Give Up Home Runs Bud


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole gave up a massive bomb to the Blue Jays’ Daniel Vogelbach during a Friday spring training game and then whined about Vogelbach celebrating the dinger.

“Yeah, what’s the day? Are we still in February? March 1st? Yeah, he enjoyed that homer,” Cole said, according to Yankees beat reporter Bryan Hoch.

Crybaby Cole said he wouldn’t forget Vogey’s long trot, noting, “I don’t forget a lot of things,” according to Hoch.

Here’s an idea, Gerrit: if you don’t want guys to do a slow trot, don’t let them hit bombs off you in the first place.

As far as the “what day is it?” question, if March 2 is too early to take pride in a homer then it’s WAY too early to act like a hardo because a guy took your yard. Cry about it.

As a Mets fan I watched Vogelbach struggle all season in 2023. His production bottomed out in a bleak season which saw the notoriously negative New York fan base turn on Danny Burgers. (RELATED: MLB’s Worst Umpire Is In Mid-Season Form Already)

Considering how low he probably felt at times, I can’t imagine how amazing that bomb must have felt for him. So Gerrit, take the stick out of your rear and let your colleague enjoy his moment. God forbid someone has a little fun while playing a literal children’s game.

Also, it’s worth mentioning Vogelbach is a massive human being. Listed as 6 feet and 270 pounds, the beefy boy isn’t the fleetest of foot. With many guys still shaking the rust off this early in the season, it’s possible Vogelbach wasn’t showboating at all and is simply not up to game speed yet.

Which just makes Cole look even that much more silly for complaining. You gave up a homer, Gerrit, it’s ok.

You don’t have to cry about it.