MLB’s Worst Umpire Ángel Hernández Is In Mid-Season Form, Already Calling Obvious Strikes Balls

Harry How/Getty Images

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MLB’s opening day is still nearly four weeks away, but notoriously terrible umpire Ángel Hernández is already in mid-season form, making obvious errors left and right.

While acting as home plate umpire for Friday’s spring training game between the New York Mets and the St. Louis Cardinals, Hernandez called an obvious strike a ball.

The pitch, a 2-2 sinker, landed squarely in the strike zone, as a picture Mets blogger Mike Mayer posted to Twitter clearly shows.

But Hernández called it a ball, according to Mayer, because of course he did. Hernández has a long and ignominious record of delivering wildly questionable calls.

It actually baffles me that this guy is still employed. He’s so atrocious that even professional broadcasters struggle to stay professional while watching him grapple with the basic functions of sight and perception.

“You cannot miss this bad,” Washington Nationals play-by-play announcer Bob Carpenter said during an Aug. 2023 game.

“A horrendous call by Ángel Hernández, yet again,” Carpenter’s broadcast partner added. (RELATED: MLB Team Ends $1 Hot Dog Nights Because Fans Simply Cannot Act Civilized)

When Hernández returned from a back injury in 2023 he still managed to make a whopping 161 bad calls in a 10-game span and finished the year as the MLB’s worst rated umpire, according to Twitter’s Umpire Auditor.

If he’s this measurably bad, and everybody and their mama knows it, how can the MLB continue to employ him?

I’m not a person that wants to see robot umpires or electronic strike zones. I think part of learning an umpire’s strike zone and the idiosyncrasies that vary from one ump to another are part of what makes baseball so charming and fun. But Angel is not making it easy for me to continue holding that belief. The dude has to go. He simply has to. He cannot be allowed to carry on being this demonstrably bad at his job with no consequences.